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Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters was the first game i got for my PSP. Prett much only because it came with the game. It is also my first Ratchet and Clank game. Though it might not be the best game to start out with for this franchise i did find it enjoyable, at times.

example of the combat
example of the combat
So the story.  The game starts out with Ratchet and Clank relaxing on a island resort type of deal. While they are relaxing,  a girl named Luna comes up and asks them if she can take some pictures. While you are doing that, Luna is kidnapped by the Technomites. So you spend the rest of the game trying to find Luna. Along the way they do throw one or two twist at you. Nothing shocking but it helps the story move along.

The gameplay can be uneven at times. The camera gets in the way like crazy. I died a good amount of times because i couldnt find the enemies. Also you die kinda fast in this game. It might be because i suck, or because the enemies seem pretty strong, and there isnt much health in the game. The guns help ease things up though.

If there was a high point in this game, it would be its humor and voice acting. Its perfect. Ratchet has great sarcasm.
he likes sand
he likes sand
Whoever did the voices for them are awesome. They did a spot on job. It seemed like they were talking to one another when doing the voice overs, not doing them at different times. The game also looks great, though pop ins are all over the place. I also feel through the ground about three times.

This is no means a bad game. It has its moments. The amount of guns is cool, it gives you a lot of different choices. Its fun, to short, but its a great game to play on the run. Its not a great game to play in spurts though. If you quit, itll start you over even if you save at a spot. You have to beat a level then quit. But when it starts you over, you have all the stuff you had before.

Ratchet & Clank could have been a great game, but its weighed down by its faults.

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