Anyone want to play this game online?

#1 Posted by Lava (726 posts) -

I was wondering if anyone wanted to get some online play going for this game again? I can remember hours upon hours of ridiculous and chaotic online game play with this game and it has always been something I wish would come back to the series, but alas I have to have it here. So if anyone wants to start playing online and maybe get a regular thing going, let me know!

#2 Posted by Kierkegaard (667 posts) -

@Lava: Not sure I can do anything regular, but I too had a blast with this game back in the day. A lot of high school was spent in clan games and trying to survive without being any good at no-scoping.

Hell, not sure if you even exist on here anymore. But, wanted to give some hope. If the servers are still up, I'd be interested in looking into it.

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