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Insomniac Further Perfects Action-Platforming 0

Up Your Arsenal is the third installment of the Ratchet & Clank saga.  After disowning their baby Spyro, Insomniac has set out to make the best overall action-platformer in the industry.  And while they have a friendly rivalry with Naughty Dog (Jak & Daxter), with an entry like Up Your Arsenal, it would be hard to say that Insomniac hasn't succeeded in that very goal.  It's impossible not to compare it to Jak & Daxter because both games have borrowed from each other.  R&C ha...

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There's No limit to how you play through this game. 0

Ratchet is a sort of feline type creature while Clank is essentially a small robot. Teamed up they make a force to be reckoned with. However where there are good guys there is always a bad guy and it comes in the form of Dr Nefarious. A creepy space alien who wants to take over the world and that's what you're here to prevent. Ratchet and Clank's personalities have never really been uncovered to a great extent in previous games and the developers have picked up on this. The game gives you the ch...

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When I first picked up RaC: UyA, I was expecting the same thing I rented: a nice platformer/shooter. I was correct! Let’s start with the single player adventure. It has over 12 weapons. They each can be upgraded to level 5. Basically, single player mode pits you against Dr. Nefarious, who plans to turn all organic life(which he’s dubbed “squishies”) into robots. The single player mode is short(10-15 hours), but it’s hilarious. The multiplayer mode is a new addition to the series. It has online p...

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Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal Review 0

Rachet and Clank are back! And this time they have to stop the evil Dr. Nefarious from destroying all organic life in the universe. The gameplay has stayed the same. X is jump, O is shoot, Square is use the wrench, Triangle is the quick-select menu, and the analog stick or the d-pad is to move. This game feels like it has more of a military feel to it. This may be due to the fact that you often fight along with a small squad of robots. The space ship battles are gone. Giant Clank fights return t...

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Series Climax! 1

PlotRatchet and Clank: up Your Arsenal continues the adventures of Ratchet and Clank as they adventure through even more planets to save all organic life in the galaxy. The duo team up with Captain Qwark (the antagonist of their last adventure) and his newly assembled Q-force (consisting of a bunch of misfit individuals, and a monkey) as they try to take down Dr. Nefarious who's aim is to delete all organic life in the galaxy, or as he calls them "squishies" GameplayThe Gameplay in R & C: UY...

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