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Role in Lyn's Story

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Role in Eliwood/Hector's Story

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Military Affiliation

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Rath has a total of three supports: Lyn, Wil, and Guy.

In his conversation with Lyn, the lord thanks him for saving her. He dismisses it as he needs no thanks from another Sacaen. She then asks if all the Kutolah men are so quiet like him. The men of the Lorca didn't speak much either, but they were "gossiping magpies" compared to him. She then goes on to ask if he is angry with her, to which he replies that he is not angry. There's just no need to speak. When next they meet, Rath tells her to stop daydreaming on the battlefield because it will get her killed. She expresses concern over leaving her only family in such a state. She moves on from it to ask about Rath's tribe. Was it true that all feared the Kutolah leader, the Silver Wolf? Rath says he does not know. He left his tribe before he was old enough to understand. When next they meet, Lyn wants to know why he left his tribe. He explains that the tribe diviner predicted an omen of an all consuming black flame. As the chief's son, Rath had to leave when he was less than four years old. Since then he had wandered by himself for fifteen years in loneliness. Lyn believes she can understand that loneliness and wants to stay with him for a little longer. He makes her feel safe, and he concedes to what she wishes.


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Unit Data

Base stats

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Growth rates

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