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Raul's passport found in Max Payne 3.

Raul was born in Columbia, though to Max he claims he and his family are from Brazil. Passos according to his version of the tale met Max Payne at the New York Police Academy and later in 2012 he meets Payne again in Hoboken, New Jersey at Walton's Bar. Sao Paulo cop Wilson Da Silva doesn't trust any of Passos' backstory beyond his meet in Hoboken with Payne.

He claims he's quit the Bronx homicide division and took on private military jobs in Central America before ending up working for the Branco family.

Raul offers Payne a job at the Branco's as a personal bodyguard of industrial magnate Rodrigo Branco and his wife Fabiana. While he attempts the recruitment, he witnesses Payne shooting Anthony DeMarco's only son and helps him out by taking out DeMacro's friends who draw weapons. It dawns on Max that his time in Jersey is over and done with now DeMarco started an all out war against both Payne and Passos, taking him on the job offer.

Throughout the game he and Max form a close alliance, often being entirely dependent on the other man's work, despite that Max doubts Rassos' intentions on plenty of occasions.

Over the course of the game it is revealed Raul has a intimate relationship with Giovanna Tavares, sister of the ill-fated Fabiana Branco(nee Tavares), and is expecting their child. He and Giovanna escape Sao Paulo safely with Payne's help after the collapse of the Branco enterprise.

What happens to Raul after the events of Max Payne 3 is unknown.

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