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Raven is a character in Tales of Vesperia. He is a mysterious man who begins following the protagonist around throughout the early stages of the game. Later, he decides to travel with the party directly, and forces himself into the group. He is a jokester and a presence that the female members of the party often find rude and very forward. He provides many of the comedic moments in the game. He joins the party and can be used in battle, where he fights using a bow and daggers.

As a running gag referring to the rest of the party being ludicrously young for a dangerous adventure, at age thirty-five, Raven is constantly referred to as the "Old Man" of the group. Yuri first meets Raven in jail, and sporadically meets him during the early parts of his journey. Later, it is revealed that Raven is a high ranking member of Altosk, the most influential guild in the world of Terca Lumireis. He is also good friends with Altosk's leader, the Don. Initially, Raven is sent by the Don to keep an eye on Yuri's group, but as the story progresses Raven chooses to remain with the party on his own free will.

Raven is later revealed to be Captain Schwann of the Schwann Brigade, a high-ranking officer of the empire who is loyal to Commandant Alexei. Even after this, however, he later rejoins the party after saving their lives in the bottom of a collapsing temple.


Raven is characterized by his good humour and laid back attitude. A ladies' man at heart, Raven never misses an opportunity to flirt with a woman, particularly Judith. For most of the game, he keeps his past a mystery to the rest of the party, raising doubts among Yuri and the others about his loyalties.

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