Medieval Theme?

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Not to be a pedant, but aren't pirates more of a Victorian Era thing? From my cursory research on Wikipedia, it seem like Caribbean Piracy was in its height from the 16th to 18th centuries, which puts it squarely after the tail end of the Middle Ages (which ended with the onset of the Renaissance in the 14th century).

I guess "medieval" is the closest available Theme tag, based on what was in the drop-down menu, but it seems a bit off. Maybe I can get my "Victorian Era New-World Pirates" theme after the redesign :D

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You are correct. There should be more themes available. I think "Victorian Era New-World Pirates" is a bit excessive, though. Shortening it to Victorian Era is good.

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@BraveToaster: I was mostly being facetious with that; I think "Pirates" evokes a specific tone, or even "Historical Fiction," for a broader category. "Alternate History" doesn't quite fit the bill, as I believe that's more like a Turning Point: Fall of Liberty or a C&C: Red Alert.

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@TheBrainninja: Oh, sorry about that. A agree with you on Historical Fiction.

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I am sorry but the whole Victorian age talk is a huge mistake (bullcrap)! The Victorian era took place form the 19th century till the beginning of the 20th century (1837-1901).

The game is set to be in the 17th century, therefore the era should be either the The Interregnum (1649–1660) or the Restoration era (1660–1688).

Whoever came up with the term Victorian era should be decapitated for the lack of its historical knowledge.

Edit: Early Modern Age / Early modern period would be appropriate tags!

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