Pirate RPG Ravens Cry 9 minutes gameplay (Cam)

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Looks solid, now just to wait what is the sea battles alike. Really hoping we get a great pirate game out of this. Not enough of those.

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@SpartanHoplite looks interesting.
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Pirates are cool, but gameplay (what was shown of it, anyway) looks pretty standard.  The names Topware Interactive and Octane Games are not exactly reassuring. At least you get to stab a guy in the hand with a knife to make him talk.  That's a plus.

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Well, as long as it has a fun & intresting world to explore with ship to ship battles & commanding your own crew, i'm happy. Atleast someone is finally making a pirate game like this, & it's not out till 2013, so theres still time for changes. I mean, when it was first shown, it had isometric view, not 3rd person. Curious how they handle sea combat, in ACIII it looks amazing.

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