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Rawk Hawk battling Dark Koopatrol.
Rawk Hawk battling Dark Koopatrol.
Rawk Hawk talking to his lovely fans before the match.
Rawk Hawk talking to his lovely fans before the match.

Former champion dude of the Glitz Pit, Rawk Hawk is a very iconic character in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door's third chapter "For Glitz and Glory". After several attempts at disqualifying the Great Gonzalez (ranging from door-locking to cake-poisoning), Rawk is eventually forced to fight him fair-and-square. Following a battle of epic proportions, Rawk Hawk begrudgingly relinquishes his title as the Glitz Pit champion - along with the snazzy champion's room that accompanies it. After Mario leaves the Glitz Pit, Rawk Hawk resumes the title until Mario comes back to reclaim it for no reason.

Later in the game, Rawk has a run-in with an impatient Bowser, who leaves the former champion with a demoralizing hair injury.

In the final chapter of the game, Rawk Hawk channels his positive energy to Mario through the Crystal Stars so that the Shadow Queen can finally be defeated. See? He's not such a bad guy after all.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Like many other Paper Mario series characters, Rawk Hawk appears as a sticker. Also, while not necessarily referring to the character, "RAWK" is a default player nickname.

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