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Reverend Ray, otherwise known as Ray McCall, grew up as oldest son to a Georgia plantation owner. Ray's father forced him to set an example for his two younger brothers Thomas and William McCall. Growing up, Ray was often the center of attention and was not taught respect for authority. The only real value he knows is the value of family.  When Ray and his brother Thomas become deserters from the Confederate army during the civil war, they come home to find that their family's plantation has been looted by Union solders and their mother has died. Determined to rebuild the plantation to its former glory, Ray convinces his brothers to help him find the mysterious Juarez treasure, thus leading to the events of Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood (Prequel to Call of Juarez).  After the events that take place in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Ray finds religion and becomes a preacher. 

One day reverend Ray discovers a Mexican boy named Billy standing over his dead mother's body with the words "Juarez" written in blood. After Billy decides to run rather than explain his story, Ray believes that he is the killer. Ray, believing that he is an agent of God, decides that he must track down the boy and kill him for his crimes, thus leading to the events of Call of Juarez.

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