DS4 on PC?

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I picked this up in the BAFTA steam sale as I really liked Origins. Anyway, I have been trying to use a DS4 via the normal methods (x360ce, DS4Tool, etc) and can't get it just right. With no other software/x360ce, it kinda works, but the controls are all pretty strange (circle to jump? what?) and rebinding them is impossible as whenever I try it always makes the button something along the lines of Analog 4 (-) which leads me to think that it thinks the right stick is pointing down all the time. I tried with DS4 tool as well, and while it works, I cannot seem to solve the issue where it thinks there are two controllers plugged in. I have tried it in other games, obviously, and this is the only one where I have had a double controller issue.

Anyone else manage to get a DS4 running flawlessly in this thing on PC? Any help is appreciated.

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