Rayman Legends Demo now on XBL / PSN / PC

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The Rayman Legends demo that was released on Wii U last December (!) is now available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC as well.

Xbox Live Marketplace link

PlayStation Store link

Steam link

And here's a new trailer to coincide with the release of the demo. (The level displayed in the trailer is not in the demo.)

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I like the demo a lot. Rayman Origins was my second-favourite game of 2011 and Legends seems very promising judging by this demo and all the video that's been released so far. Can't wait to play it.

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I tried out the demo and i have to say that they did amazing job spicing up the visuals even more from Origins.

The new gameplay stuff they showed in the demo was fun, even tho Murphy seemed like wierd thing, that carried over from the Wii U version. Also the Castle Rock level is awesome.

I'm glad i got this pre-ordered.

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Loved the demo man. It was really the shit. Also, the Black Betty level was really exhilarating, even probably once only. The other levels were also top dollar, man.

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Just play the demo and LOVED it. I enjoyed the hell out of Rayman Origins, and this seems even better...though none of the demo levels demonstrated how fiendishly hard the game will undoubtedly get.

The Castle Rock level is amazing. I had a big stupid grin on my face throughout it. That stuff is brilliant. I can't wait to see the other levels like it.

EDIT: Didn't see those bonus "Save the Teensies" levels at first. THOSE are hard, and not in the fun way. I hated the similar ones in Origins and they don't seem any better here. Good thing you're not forced to beat them to progress.

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Where is this? I can't find it.

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I just got done finishing the demo. That was a lot of fun. I will definitely have to keep an eye out for this in the near future. I really enjoyed the rotating puzzle/features with the R1/L1.

Very cool!

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