Version differences/which are you buying thread.

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Posted by SpudBug (707 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Version differences/which are you buying thread. (159 votes)

WiiU 28%
Vita 18%
PC 36%
PS3 12%
Xbox 360 13%

So i wanted to know which version or versions people are buying, and it's also a bit confusing seeing what the differences are between platforms. \

All versions except Vita run at 1080p/ 60 Frames per Second, with PC being variable based on hardware.

WiiUPre-Order Bonus Aveline from Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Mario and Luigi Skins, Murphy Levels use the Gamepad Touch Screen, 5 Player Co-Op using the gamepad, and free challenges app that unlocks a skin in the full game.
VitaBonus Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia Skins, Touch Screen Murphy Levels, and 5 bonus Murphy Levels exclusive to vita. $40.
PCPre-Order includes full copy of Rayman Origins, $40 vs $60 for console versions. Murphy levels might be controlled with mouse cursor but i'm not sure. Uses U-Play DRM on PC in addition to Steam if you buy it there.
PS3Pre-Order Assassin's Creed 4 Edward Kenway Skin. The Murphy levels are automatically controlled by a button press.
360Pre-Order Splinter Cell Skin. Murphy Levels controlled by button presses automatically.

Myself I'm probably going to go for the PC version because it's cheap and I didn't play Rayman Origins so getting it free is a nice bonus. I'll probably get the Vita version when it's on sale if ever as well.

If you know of any other differences post here and I'll update the OP.

#51 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4837 posts) -

@csl316 said:

Vita isn't at 60?

Where did you hear that? I have Origins on Vita and was planning on getting this new one for that too because I think it makes for a better portable game.

#52 Posted by Corvak (1202 posts) -

PC is tempting, I like an extra $20.

U-play DRM still "exists" but it's basically Steam now. You just have to activate and then forget its there. And it's kinda cool how uplay actually has a use for the achievement points you earn on it.

Am I the only one who thinks its wierd that Wii U has a bonus from a Vita exclusive game and the Vita does not?

#53 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

Does this have crossplay/buy with vita and ps3? if so, that version.

Otherwise probably the vita version, and the pc version so i can play coop with the wife.

#54 Edited by project343 (2875 posts) -


Bought it today--real happy with that purchasing decision.

Cheap price, looks gorgeous on that screen, has the most seamless touch integration, and it gives me another reason to pick up that spectacular device. Otherwise, I'd play the PC version (with a controller).

#55 Posted by Doskias (378 posts) -

I think if I had a Vita I'd want it there. As such, I'm going back and forth between the PC and the WiiU.

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