Is the Wii version identical to the 360/PS3 versions?

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I'm super interested in Rayman Origins but I don't own a 360 or a PS3 (I do most of my "hardcore" gaming on the PC.) However, I've noticed that there is a Wii version of this and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it's identical to the 360 and PS3 versions or if it's a gimped down Wii version like we see with a lot of big publisher games.


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Nintendo Power gave the Wii Version a 9.5/10 so it can't be that bad. Obviously the game is not in HD like on the other consoles, but other than that I willing to bet that the Wii version is identical. A lot of times the detrimental difference between Wii and HD ports is online multiplayer, but Origins is strictly offline on all consoles.

Also just a heads up, the Wii version will be 29.99 at Gamestop on Black Friday


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Similar situation with me. I'm thinking of picking this up for 3DS though.

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@Murdouken: Does this help?

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Aside from HD I don't think there's any serious difference at all. I've been playing the Wii version and the controls are simple enough that a sideways Wii remote works well. The aesthetic is also still quite beautiful. Having played the demo for the 360 version I feel comfortable saying you will be absolutely fine picking up the Wii version.

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Yes. I have the Wii version, its identical to the 360/PS3 versions.

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Hmm, I was in a different situation, owning both a Wii and PS3 but preferring gameplay improvements over graphics/trophies. If there's no serious control improvements through motion or integration with the 3DS version that's coming or anything, then I'm definitely going for the PS3 version.

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