Listen to this song, it's so good!

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So much wacky energy, am I right or am I right?

I almost think this game deserves soundtrack of the year I enjoyed the music so much.

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Yeah, best soundtrack of the year. Really makes the collector's edition worth owning. I love this song:

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Oh damn. Bummer Bastion came out this year. That's still my soundtrack of the year. Had I actually played this I'd have a damn hard time choosing.

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@EVO said:

Yeah, best soundtrack of the year. Really makes the collector's edition worth owning. I love this song:

Yeah, that is a good one too, it is very similar to the water theme in Super Metroid. I love the ones in the lava/Chilli worlds.

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It's great. Just an excellent game overall and I really hope it somehow does well despite its unfortunate release.

Here's one of my favourites

as part of a pretty comprehensive playlist which includes many alternate versions of tracks as well:

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Had I gotten this last year, it would have been my game of the year, no contest. I'm running through each of the worlds, collecting all the lums, secret cages, and the skull teeth. The Water world is by far my favourite. One of the greatest platformers out there. I just wish I could get the OST in my hands, does anyone know where I can pick it up? iTunes has nothing.

Also, this a great track.

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Give me a vinyl release Ubisoft! That would be silly and thus awesome.

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Great music. Great gameplay. Great art style. Great humor.

Games like this deserve to be played and loved. More people should buy this.

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