Picked it up for $40 (Black Friday)

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Surprised nobody has posted this, but Rayman Origins is part of Gamestop's Black Friday deals for $40, or $30 for the Wii version. I've been meaning to pick it up, and just happened to look up if any copies were available and was surprised to see it for so cheap. Haven't had a chance to play yet as the television is currently occupied, but can't wait.

When I picked it up a guy asked if they had any used copies and the GS employee said smugly.. "They have to sell first before people turn them in used."


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Gamestop is the worst. The people working there are no more 'gamers' than the dude working at Best Buy is an IT analyst. But glad you got a deal on it. Besides, If it is $40 why would anyone want to pay Gamestop $55 for a used copy? WTF. But yeah, its not COD so it must SUXOR.

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Man, I must have the only decent gamestop in the world... All the employees play games, several are on my XBL friends list, and they've always been super helpful and the manager, who I'm friends with always gives me all sorts of pre-order bonuses, sometimes for games that came out a month ago, or even games I don't even own!

ANYWAYS, back on topic! I ended up picking the game up new from gamestop the day after Christmas for $30! And it is an absolutely beautiful game. Having a ton of fun with it, LOVE the artstyle!

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#4 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

You know you want to punch him, but then you know he is right.

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#5 Posted by Tacoboy1986 (172 posts) -

@RawknRo11a: Yes. I gladly paid 30 dollars for this great game. Although I haven't had a chance to play it. I just couldn't pass up a deal like that.

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