This wasn't on my radar until now.

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I had heard about Rayman Origins, but it didn't catch my interest. I figured since it was a 2D side scroller it wouldn't be very long or have much replay value. Now I'm hearing that there's a big quest and co-op. Not online, but still. I also don't know how I got it in my head that it was a Wii exclusive. It just seemed like a very Wii-ish title, If that makes sense.

Anyway, it was also overshadowed by the big releases this fall: COD, Uncharted, Batman, etc. Now I really want it. I was on the fence about Skyrim, but this game just made my decision not to get Skyrim a whole lot easier. I'm wondering if anyone else is getting it, even though they maybe didn't want to at first?

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@Tacoboy1986: I think that anyone who is any sort of an art buff or someone who appreciates 2d hand drawn art should buy this game no questions asked. Personally I canceled my Saints Row 3 pre order to get this. I also like from what I hear about it that it gets very difficult later on as well. So you could also recommend it to platforming purists who enjoy games like Super Meat Boy.

The only thing I somewhat disagree with is the price tag, charging it as a full $60 game is a bit much IMO. Now as far as getting this over Skyrim? I don't know about that..... Depends upon how much you like the Elder Scrolls franchise and that style of game play as far as open world games go.

(Edit) I don't know if it's the wrong time to release this game during this time of the year or not. For older gamers there's no question about it that it is the wrong time of the year to release it for that demographic. But for younger gamers around the age of 10 it's a great game for their parents to buy as a Christmas gift. I don't think you could really argue for an early January release due to gamers getting gift cards but that demographic is mainly people who are 13 or older who will more than likely buy CoD or an M rated title.

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Would this be worth getting for 3DS?

Or should I wait for the sloppy DRMed-up PC port that will almost invariably happen sometime in the distant future? D:

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@maskedarcstrike: I agree, I'm a huge fan of Super Meat Boy, so this seems right up my alley. As for Skyrim, I'm still getting it, I just don't think I can dedicate as much time for that game right now. Especially with all the releases coming in the the coming weeks. It's a lot easier to spend some time on this, and with the holidays coming it will be fun to play when the fam gets together.

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@BeachThunder: I extremely doubt this game will get ported to PC being a platformer and a kid friendly title. As far as I know there is no PC version scheduled for release nor planned to be released. But on the DRM side of things I read an article somewhere that Ubisoft is dropping DRM for AC:Revelations so who knows if they are going to change their policy on that.

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I'd love to play this on PC in super-high res.

I wonder how large the 2D assets are, hopefully huge.

Really excited that they finally made a sequel to Rayman 1, I was never a big fan of the polygonal stuff.

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