Ubisoft Maybe Thinking About Possibly Making a Rayman: Origins Sequel, Perhaps

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#51 Posted by Stinky51012 (162 posts) -
#52 Edited by Kosayn (456 posts) -

I'm still waiting for it to go on PSN or XBLA. That's just how I want it - Rayman on demand at any time. It's not even about the price thing anymore.

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great title alex top job (srs post)

#54 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

Yes please!

#55 Posted by Metal_Mills (3055 posts) -
@Suits said:

Pick a reasonable release date this time for once


Same day as Black Ops 2!
#56 Posted by umdesch4 (771 posts) -

Ferme ta gueule, et prendre mon argent!!

Something like that anyway...

#57 Posted by lockonandfire (92 posts) -

What is it that made people reticent about paying full price for Origins?

#58 Edited by umdesch4 (771 posts) -

@lockonandfire: I'd answer that, but any reasonable answer I can think of would have me dismissed as a troll. It would probably be an answer involving the relative cost vs. popularity of lossy DRM'ed mp3 files, McDonalds "food", portable Apple products, Starbucks "coffee" ...and a wonderful book from 1841 called "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds".

#59 Posted by Zaccheus (1809 posts) -

Rayman: Origins was some serious magic shit. I have to put the soundtrack on right now.

#60 Posted by Dayve86 (55 posts) -

I really hope this is true. Rayman Origins was one of my favorite games in a long long time. I got it for 360 at $60 and also got it for Vita to play the game on the go. All the stories I saw about the game underselling made me assume there wasn't going to be a sequel, but I would LOVE one. Probably my most anticipated game if true.

#61 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

Yes please! Rayman: Origins was an amazing game and a great call back to platforming games of old!

#62 Posted by geekbot (110 posts) -

@Tidel said:

Got Origins on Vita; perfect for Vita. Down for a sequel as long as its on Vita.

I hope they make it for Vita and consoles! I'd be sad if ti was a Vita exclusive, as the 4 player co-op was one of the biggest appeals to me. Also, I don't own a Vita. lol

#63 Posted by sunsetstreek (60 posts) -

I'd buy a sequel day one.

#64 Posted by CookieMonster (2460 posts) -

arr yeah.

#65 Posted by MrPilkington (725 posts) -

What do you mean "thinking?"?! Get on that shit!

#66 Posted by Mikey2D (220 posts) -

I'm playing the hell out of Rayman Origins currently on the Vita - its such a great game and i'd totally be down for more. If any of you are on the fence about getting it - don't be - its truely a great game.

#67 Posted by Puaru (79 posts) -

I knew this was an Alex article just by looking at the retarded title.

#68 Posted by InfamousBIG (3235 posts) -

@Puaru said:

I knew this was an Alex article just by looking at the retarded title.

I could totally tell that this was maybe an Alex thing, because, OF COURSE IT WAS A THING, perhaps.

#69 Posted by Bwgmon (69 posts) -

Hopefully they have the foresight to not release it on the same day as something like Assassin's Creed this time.

#70 Posted by Grixxel (773 posts) -

@Puaru said:

I knew this was an Alex article just by looking at the retarded title.

I knew this was an Alex article just by scrolling down and seeing some retard point out the same thing. Like every other article by him.

#71 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

...how was it profitable?

My understanding was it barely sold, was the game just made on a shoestring?

#72 Posted by pawsoffury (124 posts) -

What else are Ubisoft going to release if not this? Now that the Wii casual market is dead and they can't rely on shovel-ware income, apart from Assassins Creed (which they've got dangerously close to milking to death already) what franchises do they have left that gets anybody excited anymore?

Jeff's enthusiasm towards the new Ghost Recon is a microcosm of a larger picture that would suggest that Ubisoft need to stop falling back on the same 3-4 games and come up with some new I.P's.

#73 Posted by Puaru (79 posts) -

@Grixxel said:

@Puaru said:

I knew this was an Alex article just by looking at the retarded title.

I knew this was an Alex article just by scrolling down and seeing some retard point out the same thing. Like every other article by him.

You're so witty.

#74 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1700 posts) -

Yes please! I loooooved Origins, hook up some more delightful platforming right into my veins.

I hope Ubisoft makes some more games with their Ubiart engine, it's so good looking.

#75 Posted by PoisonJam7 (362 posts) -

How about making Beyond Good & Evil 2 instead?

#76 Posted by dezvous (565 posts) -

@Puaru: Less witty, more just accurate.

#77 Posted by Bats (110 posts) -

Alex posts a news story about things, maybe, you know, or not.

Jebus dude, gimme some variety at least instead of the same old tune with all the post topics

#78 Posted by Brad078 (31 posts) -

Yes, More Please!

#79 Posted by Diablos1125 (182 posts) -

Would love some more 2D Rayman. Here's to hoping they hear our cries.

#80 Posted by ptys (1996 posts) -

Why the speculation when the current game is so new?

#81 Posted by umdesch4 (771 posts) -

@ptys said:

Why the speculation when the current game is so new?

Well, putting things in some kind of perspective, MW3 is only 1 week older than Rayman Origins, and there's already official announcements of announcements happening for the next one. Between the annual cycle of COD, Assassin's Creed games, and <insert EA sports title here>, people have come to expect rapid iterations on every piece of IP that comes along.

I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it sucks, but that's the answer to why there's speculation already. :(

#82 Posted by Vextroid (1445 posts) -

Yes please!

#83 Posted by JamesJeux007 (513 posts) -

Where's the preorder button ? WHERE IS IT ? I HAVE TO KNOW !

#84 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (565 posts) -

You know, for all the "it's a shame the game is sixty dollars cause this game is great" talk I'm hearing every freaking time someone talks about Rayman Origins, I actually only saw that price, like, the first month or so of its release. When that whole "thirty dollar sale" for a game such as this happened at my local Gamestop back in Black Friday, I noticed they never actually changed the price for this particular game since. And by January, I saw it cost thirty bucks practically everywhere. No more sympathetic excuses, you guys. If you want to, play the damn game now, because it's awesome and I'm pretty sure not sixty bucks anymore.

Anywho, I couldn't be more excited for such a possibility. When they say "same basic gameplay," I'll assume that they don't mean that you'll relearn the same moves throughout half the course of the game and instead make a lot of it available early on with more special skills and stuff involved. Rayman associating with vampires has got some potential--BatRayman, you guys.

#85 Posted by probablytuna (3906 posts) -

Nobody likes it when you cry Alex.

#86 Posted by Eyz (449 posts) -

AMAZING! This is easily the best news I've read all month!

Keep your Mass Effects, your Gods of War and whatnot for yourself, ya gritty' kids, this one's my favorite game this gen'! :D

#87 Posted by Questionable (619 posts) -

Perhaps somebody aut ubisoft marketing finally hot off his ritalin high after sending origins out to die.

Releasing rayman in the Same month as skyrim, Zelda, saints row with 0 marketing to back it up is just a big fuck up regardless of your position

#88 Posted by leebmx (2236 posts) -

@Paul_Is_Drunk: I'm not sure if you have played it but there is a whole lot of game there and you can really see all work that has gone into the art style. I can see why it comes across as a questionable proposition but i've put way more time into it than I would the average FPS.

#89 Posted by theuselessgod (263 posts) -


My wife LOVES this game. What's funny is she's awful at platformers (Even she admits it) but we still managed to beat the whole game AND the Land of the Livid Dead (which is Super Meat Boy to the extreme) together. This game was a total party co-op; PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE UBISOFT. :)

#90 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

Best game of 2011, I'd like another one.

#92 Posted by GoofyGoober (933 posts) -

I'd buy it, Origins is great, especially in a gaming world filled with shooters and shit.

#93 Posted by buffaloseven (84 posts) -

This thread reminded me that I need to buy & play R:O! Loved the demo.

*loads up Steam*

#94 Posted by NegativeCero (3052 posts) -

I notice this is decidedly not a Beyond Good and Evil sequel. As for Rayman: Origins, I still haven't played it.

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