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Rayman And All His Glory

When we look at a game like Rayman: Origins, we look for an experience that will deliver a multitude of enjoyment. We want to experience a great story with lovable characters, beautiful environments and something that the whole family can enjoy. Being one of Ubisoft's oldest (and still running) franchise, Rayman is back with a cast of his loveable friends. The player can play alone or with up to 3 friends in a local co-op to fight along-side one another and help Rayman reach his destination. Players can choose from 4 different characters at the start: Rayman, Globox, The Teensie king, and a Teensie. Among those 4 main characters, there's more than 10 different characters to chose from once unlocked (mainly different Teensies and re-skins of the original main characters).

Story: 5/5

In the Glade of Dreams, everything is created by the Bubble Dreamer when he dreams. During the Bubble Dreamer's first nightmare, He created evil creatures called The Nasties which plagued the land. When The Nasties were conceived in the Glade, The forest nymphs gathered bags of Lums and created the limbless hero, Rayman, to protect the Glade.

One fine day, on the branches of the Snoozing Tree, Rayman, his friends, and the Bubble Dreamer were all resting lazily away; sleeping (snoring even), eating or day dreaming away. While resting away, the group of friends were coincidentally next to a flower that transmuted their loud snoring and eating to their nasty neighbors in The Land of the Livid Dead and caused the neighboring Nasties to rise and cause havoc across the glade and imprison Rayman and his friends. Now it is up to Rayman to free Electoons, drive The Nasties out, and restore peace to the Glade of Dreams.

Gameplay: 5/5

Rayman: Origins plays as a traditional platformer; running, jumping, and combat are the basis of the game. Some areas are more fast-paced than others and require sharp attention and trial-and-error, and along with simple platforming, some levels require characters to fly through some levels as a side-scrolling shooter. As the player progresses through the story, they will unlock new abilities which give the characters access to new ways to move, fight, and to gain access to new areas. The game's combat is simple and easy to maneuver with characters being able to attack from all angles and even create combos.

Sound: 5/5

I wish I could give a higher rating on this game's soundtrack. The music for each stage is amazing and doesn't tend to get annoying at all. Players will love the kooky and cartoony sounds of the game which consists of upbeat, dramatic, or dark music which are all environmentally appealing.

Graphics: 5/5

As a 2D game, the art style is amazing and like out of a cartoon. Everything looks as if it is out of a child's story book and has vibrant and aesthetically pleasing colors which make the game look like the developers really cared about how they could design the world of Rayman.

Replay Value: 4/5

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