wwfundertaker's Rayman: Origins (PlayStation Vita) review

Rayman is back but in 2D

Rayman Origins brings back Rayman into a new side scrolling adventure. Once again the electoons have been captured and need to be freed with the help of the Nymph sisters, rayman and friends will go across numerous worlds to free them. The mechanics of the game involves the character punching and jumping their way through the early worlds and upon freeing the Nymph sisters, they would gain additional powers such as flying, swimming and many more. This will aid the player in finding the more difficult electoon cages.

As you further progress into the game the worlds become more challenging and sometimes frustrating as there no checkpoints during most levels, except during the for mosquito levels. An example of this is in the last world where i had to repeat one level over 50 times (at least 1 hour). There are a number of boss fights but they do not present a difficult challenge.

Having played this game on the PlayStation Vita, the game looked beautiful and sound quality was crisp but there was a lack of vita functionality (front and back screen touch). Overall the game was enjoyable except for the last world but if you do enjoy these types of games, it is a must play.


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