razr95's Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii) review

Great gameplay but short.

Game play:I found this game at six dollars at microplay and i tought that most people had fun with this game but for the price good or ok im going to play it. I found that the game does not have a story you play mini games and you earn plungers the more you earn the faster you will get out of the dome where you play the minigames there are 15 days and 5 challenges per day so you will have a lot of fun playing the game but the only problem is that this game does not have a storyline you just get invaded and brought to so random place and you play mini games unlock cool music and new clothing you can play a lot of game ride cows play bowling and a lot of challenges if you find this game cheap buy it its worth it.

Graphics: The graphics and special effects are really well made every map and sound effect sound great but the audience dont look real most of the bunnies will look like the lagging there are minor flaws but nothing major.

Sound :There are some cool music but they are modified but you will recognise a few and every sound effect are welll made for each character bunnies.

Overall: This game is worth it do not buy if over 10 dollars this is a short game that is easy its worth playing


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    The Rabbids are just plain funny, entertaining, and a good! 0

    Rayman Raving Rabbids is a good game that definitely has its hilarious moments! The game has great mini-games, although some games are quite cheap and repetitive. Rayman in this game does not seem to be the center character, the Rabbids are surprisingly! The Rabbids is what makes this game a bit more enjoyable to play and they add an interesting twist to the franchise. I give Rayman Raving Rabbids a 3/5 because I feel like that there is something missing. The game has a good choice of songs, but...

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    Who rules the game, rayman, or the "rabbids?" 0

    Mostly, it's just kinda sad to see Rayman lose his title to a bunch of white screaming weirdo's. Really, who actually tries to do something like this to a character of the best series. Its like saying Mario party, but without Mario in the game. And no one in the fucking Nintendo company is doing a damn thing about it. I do like the gamplay but the title man THE TITTLE!!! where does it end. All you do is plunge rabbids in different areas. Rayman also does not make an apperance in this game at ALL...

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