supermooseman's Rayman Raving Rabbids (PC) review

Not a Rayman platformer? GAHHHH!

When this game was first announced it was made out to be another platformer much like the first three games in the Rayman series. Obviously everyone was overjoyed as it was bound to be a great game. Sadly Ubisoft decided to make this with the Wii in mind and turn it into a typical Wii stereotype of mini games. Great...

Before jumping into the good points, the bad points really should be highlighted. As much as it would be easy to pretend that the Rayman name hasn't been added to this and it is merely a game about Rabbids, it still doesn't remove from that fact that another classic Rayman platformer probably won’t be made for another couple of years, if ever. If you ignore the fact this is associated with Rayman however, you've got an alright game on your hands.

Another downside is that this has obviously been quickly ported from the Wii to the PC with some keyboard controls mindlessly slapped into. They do work well on some games but on a fair few it is quite frustrating when you lose the game due to the controls.

It isn't all bad, though. The game is genually funny and it will have you laughing as the bunnies go flying through the air or as they shout "GAHHH!!" when you hit them. Some bunnies are also dressed up like Superman which is funny when you see it. Humour is really hard to put into a game, but Rayman Raving Rabbids pulls it off nicely.

Another decent factor of the game is the graphics and sound. The graphics are decent as well was the sound (the rabbid's sound effects especially). The main part of the game (the mini games) is obviously the main attraction. The mini games are fun to play but some of them don't have any replay factor or are just a nuisance to play.

Overall though, Rayman Raving Rabbids is a pretty solid game let down only by a few control issues and the fact that this isn't really a Rayman game.

Posted by coonce

you know - for as much as everybody LOVED this game.... i played it for about an hour and while it was fun and trippy -- i was really turned off by all of the dialogue at the very beginning of the game. so turned off that i just had to put the game down.

maybe i missed out???

its a fine line the developers walk between immediately engrossing you in the action vs. building a rich story arc around the content.

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