Rayman Legends confirmed with trailer

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I think this is one of the first trailers we have gotten that shows actual gameplay on the Wii U too basically. I don't know about using the touch screen to slide platforms around and what not, but the multiplayer looks great overall. The only thing I'm a bit confused about is where those statues that they use with the NFC are coming from? Are they already purchasable? If so, did they pack an NFC chip in there just for the heck of it? Kind of makes me wonder how long ago they started working on this. There seems to be a belief that this game was made because of the relative success of Origins, but it seems crazy that they'd put together this much in such a short time.

And what's up with the sudden Rayman revival anyway? I won't complain, I love 2D platformers, but both Origins and Legends within such a short time is crazy. (assuming Legends is released this year or next, that is)

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Now that there's an article up on the site about this Rayman leak, let's move all further discussion to that thread. Thanks!


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