Razer Onza Canadian release?

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This controller looks sweet not for the resistance on the sticks, which will also be cool, but the buttons. Apparently they're like mouse clicks. Except, anywhere I search for it there is no mention of a Canadian release. On the official website US and Canada are under the same location but I have no idea where to even find the release date there. All that I can find is Pre-Order dates, which started Jan. 17. 
Is there even a word on when this will be hitting retail?

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I think I heard later this month  for pre-orders to ship (may be wrong/probably is wrong). I think it's available in both US and Canada at launch.

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I have one.. got it at best buy...

it's AMAZING i love it so responsive and the buttons are amazing!!! great for ANY game... i use it for COD, NHL 12 even skyrim and batman i love it

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