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Kaede becomes lost in her memories, and it is up to Tsuchimi Rin and freinds to set them right again.  When Rin and crew arrive, they must sort through Kaede's memories and set them right again.


Using keywords acquired from viewing various events in Kaede's memories, the player must fix mistakes in Kaede's past memories.  For example, the first mistake that occurs is that Kaede says that Midoriba Itsuki is a girl (he is actually a boy). By using the 'Really Attack', the player can select the 'Midoriba Itsuki' keyword, which causes Rin to say "OBJECTION!" which then causes the scene to shatter and replay correctly.  The player is allowed five errors per day to get the memories corrected. In order to get the CG for the scene, the player must have a 100% completion. If the player makes five errors in a day, the game ends.  Upon completion of all the events of a day, the player is able to play back these memories from Kaede's point of view, providing interesting insights into her inner thoughts. This is the only time when Rin's lines are voiced. Other characters may also comment from time to time during these sequences (for example, after a H-scene that did not actually take place or during the time when Kaede falsely accused Rin of killing her mother up to the point when she finally finds out the truth) or even alter them (Mayumi enlarging her breast size multiple times and getting caught). 

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