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Reapermon or Gokumon in Japan is a cyborg Digimon that appeared in the 2001 game Digimon Rumble Arena (Digimon Tamers Battle Evolution). His appearance is based on the grim reaper while his Japanese name Goku is derived from prison. In his bio it is stated he is a fugitive Digimon born from the data of wanted criminals or bounties. Due to this he has a bounty on his head as well, but is not distrusted as it is believed to be a "Bounty Hunter". So basically he is a strange villain who is on the hunt for criminals.


Reapermon wields the "Guilty Chain" on its left arm, and the "Judgment Sickle" on its right. His known attacks are Grim Slasher (Skull Dance), Burning Cyclone (Skull Whirlwind) and Bone Duster (Serpent Flame Purgatory)

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