Recettear tops 26,000 sales

#1 Posted by BrainMeats (22 posts) -
Carpe Fulgur says so.
One of the guys on the project also admitted on SomethingAwful that the English version has outpaced the original Japanese.
I wonder if sales will continue to trail off for a little while or if everyone who was going to buy it has already done so. I guess word of mouth carried the sales and it's off the front page of GiantBomb and Steam so maybe the wave is over. Even still, the game did great for a little unknown indie game from Japan translated by a couple of guys in their spare time.
#2 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

Gotta love a good underdog story. Go indie!

#3 Posted by laussica (187 posts) -

I love this game, hopfully it will go on sale soon so that other that aren't sure will try it

#4 Posted by Shirogane (3593 posts) -
It does have a demo. 
Whichi  really think people should play. Seriously, that little part at the end of the demo is just hilarious.
#5 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Hmm, I thought it was doing even better. It was so high up the steam list all the time.

#6 Posted by Laksa (254 posts) -

Recettear is one of the most addicting games i have played in a long time, immediately whipped out my credit card to pre order it after playing the demo. Any  of you interested can give the demo on steam a try.

#7 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

I like how the developer was even thankful for the pirates who pirated the game and bought the game later. 
But nice to know that we're securing their jobs as an indie developer.

#8 Posted by DragonBloodthirsty (554 posts) -

I thought Recettear was awesome fun.  I found myself so compelled by the demo I picked it up.  The replay value isn't as high as I'd thought it might have been, but it was still worth my dollars.

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