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“Capitalism Ho!” 19

What do you get when you combine JRPG and Business Simulation? Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. Featuring a one-of-a-kind system of bartering and classic, Zelda-esque dungeon crawling mechanics, Recettear is innovative and thoroughly entertaining. Being in debt never has been so fun!  While it starts out like your typical JRPG – waking up after oversleeping and neglecting your newfound responsibilities – you are quickly thrown into starting your item shop.    In this game you play as Recette Lemo...

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Capitalism, ho? 0

Recette Lemongrass awakes one day to find that her father has run off to become an "adventurer". Upon disappearing, the loan company of whom he had borrowed a large sum of money decides that they should pay a visit to his daughter to discuss the matter of payment of the outstanding debt. So to pay off her fathers owings, it is decided by Recette and Tear (a fairy working for the debt company who is helping/keeping an eye on Recette) that they should start a business in the item selling departmen...

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An RPG with a slightly different beat 0

Recettear is the story of Recet Lemongrass, who open a shop to pay off her dad's loan and avoid living in a cardboard box.  This innocent girl must earn ever increasing amounts of money to make payments to the faerie who guides her, Tear.As an RPG, Recet gains levels as she buys and sells.  There is some small bit of haggling with customers, but the real meat is in managing inventory and responding to local demands.  Recet buys and sell from a variety of markets and invidiuals, and can also hire...

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The little RPG that could 0

There's really no other way to say it: if it wasn't for Kirby's Epic Yarn, Recettear would probably take the crown as one of the most charming games of 2010. A vibrant and colorful look with attractive character models and some lighthearted (and occasionally hilarious) dialogue and one of those simple game systems that gets more complex as you go yet never becomes to overbearing, it's just a shame people may not have heard of it or played it. I'd love to see the game get a more wider release suc...

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Video Review: Recettear An Item Shop's Tale 0

Ever wonder if it's possible to write and record a review while suffering the effects of various cold medicines and anti-biotics? Let's find out shall we?!? This time we take a look at one of my personal favorites from a few years ago, Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. Please enjoy. One of these days, I'll figure out how to embed a video in a Giant Bomb Review.Recettear Video Review...

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Quickly became one of my favorite games of all time! 0

This game took me back to the old days of RPG games, with an interesting twist of being the Item Shop owner instead of the main dungeon-delving hero. Still, with bargaining prices with customers, trying to get heroes to go dungeoneering with you to get more items to sell, and hoping you placed an item just right to attract new heroes (and possibly sell them something as permanent equipment), all meshed well together for a really addictive experience. Highly recommended for RPG fans looking for...

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Old men and little girls are pain in the ass customers 0

In most role playing games, selling items is an afterthought. The player hoards tons of awesome loot, sifts through the bag to pick out the epics, and then unloads the trash for pennies on the dollar to the next random shop keep they come upon. The curious player wonders, "What happens then?" Sadly, they never know... until now.The story starts with a cute young girl coming into bad circumstances that force her to open her own shop to pay off a large debt. Before long the innocent, naive young l...

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