Anyone notice that this game uses a ton of assets from CrossEdge?

#1 Posted by Xeiphyer (5593 posts) -

I just started playing, and this game is pretty terrible so far. I knew the graphics were bad, and I don't mind that, but they are extremely uninspired. It also takes forever to start a battle because it has to load for 10 seconds before displaying a very plain flat grass field, and popping in the characters one by one.
The other thing I noticed after the first few tutorial missions is that this game is using a TON of assets from Cross Edge. All the equipment in the game has the same level meter beside it, and you can upgrade them using pts you earn in battle, and transform them into new items. You also get another type of points you can use as any-char stat points. And another type that is for something else, and then there is exp and gold. They are the exact same as Cross Edge, and I mean visually and everything.
I haven't seen many of the weapons, but judging by all the different types in the shop, it looks like they are reusing all of the weapons too, and I am willing to bet the skill animations are too.
All in all, this game is better than Cross Edge due to the fact that it is a SRPG, but its still very terrible.

#2 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -

The game isn't terrible, it's a standard SRPG. Not ground breaking, but not horrid, but well rounded. To say it's terrible is, that is a matter of opinion.
And if you look at the box the same people who did Cross edge did this game. Compile heart. This was a game made with Idea Factory, Complile heart, Red entertainment and Aksys Games. Thus the similarity and reuse of things. Considering you've played Cross edge I figure you would have caught on to that little nugget.

#3 Posted by CronoXtream (119 posts) -

i love this game wtf you talking about, best srpg ive ever played.

#4 Posted by Xeiphyer (5593 posts) -
@CronoXtream: You need to play more than 1 srpg. =P  
@Catolf: I figured it was the same studio. And yeah total opinion.

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