Anyone playing this?

#1 Posted by eldiax (632 posts) -

I'm kinda interested in getting this game, but I'm not quite sure if it's good enough to warrant a purchase. Can someone who is playing this enlighten me?

#2 Posted by Semition (731 posts) -

It's a pretty mediocre SRPG. Not really worth a full price purchase.

#3 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -

I am and enjoying, but if your not interested in getting the game with the bonus stuff then just wait for it to turn up used and get it cheaper.
@Semition said:

" It's a pretty mediocre SRPG. Not really worth a full price purchase. "

I don't agree with this, I think it's pretty good, nothing like Disgaea but it's rather fair (where disgaea tends to put people on cliffs that you can't REACH (rage)
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@Catolf: That's what throwing people is for!
#5 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -
@endaround said:
" @Catolf: That's what throwing people is for! "
I tried! they don't make it, and I can't get any closer to that cliff, they just sit there and I'm like "GET DOWN!" and they are all "NOOOOO" I'm like "GRRRRR"
I'll try again eventually, but I find Agarest wars fun even if everything is flat. Really easy to pick up and get into, the leveling is fair and I like the characters. I'm almost done with generation one I do believe.
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While the game is no Disgaea, it is still a pretty fun SRPG with it's own mechanics such as Soul Breeding. In addition there are also light dating sim elements where decisions you make during the course of the game will affect certain female's attitudes towards you. One of these females ends up as your bride, where you will procreate and have a child which inherits traits from each of you. This child is your new character for the next generation of play (there are 5 genereations to go through). 
If you're into SRPGs then I'd give it a shot. It's been well recieved enough [in Japan] to warrent two other games, a prequel and a sequel. I'm hoping the other games make it outside of Japan as well.

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I'm going to give this another chance before I sell it, it didn't leave a good first impression.

#8 Posted by Noodles (539 posts) -

It's decent if you can get past the awful, awful intro (first few hours). The bonus stuff is why I bought it to be honest.

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Is this game alright for the non anime loving types? Looking for a srpg for the 360

#10 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -
@Metalideth said:
" Is this game alright for the non anime loving types? Looking for a srpg for the 360 "
Unno, it's very 'anime' it's a decent Srpg none the less, you have to get one of the three girls to like your enough so you can continue on (as your kid) But the voice acting is decent and the fights are fun, maybe try renting it before you buy?

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