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This game intrigues me, but I've heard some bad things about it  (mainly the fan-service),  which has put me on the fence if I should download it or not.  So If I'm a casual RTS fan and I like the social system of Persona 3 and 4 will  I like this?

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The fan service is fewer and farther between than you think, and if it's there it's one screen of a girl falling and it lasts all of a few seconds of dialog (and nothing is really even close to explicit). It was just a catch to get people to buy. It's a great game and I enjoy the option of picking a girl to have my child with in the end. (XD) It has some funny moments, overall a great title for a RTS fan or even the casual (casual here) I'm about half way through the first generation so far, it's real easy to pick up and play.

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thanks man, it's really hard to find a large amount of solid info on this game, so I really appreciate it! I have 2 more questions, if you don't me asking. First I've heard the maps/terrain are repititive, I honestly don't have problems with something being repetitive, I mean that's what grinding is, but did you find it too repetitive at times? Also I don't quite get the spirit vessel thing, I mean is it sort of a possessed thing, where whats her face(Dyshana) lives in your main characters body or is it something else?  If they explain it in the plot you don't have to answer this question. Thanks again. 

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@Cabbage_Head:  besides the parts of being in a cave (which does not cost you turns to grind. I learned that a little late) it is a little repetitive in environments, but it didn't bum me out any. best grinding is in caves, but it usually does not take long to get some good exp going especially when you take on a higher lvl enemy and use combo attacks (love those, makes me think of Cross edge, just a less crappy story)
The spirit vessel is explained very early in game (like.. 10 mins in)  Dyshana does not live in anyone, she travels with the party but isn't a active member until the last phase.
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@Catolf:  Does the game go Genealogy of Holy War and make your child fight as a second generation character with stat gains from both parents?  I'd play if it did.
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@Turambar said:

" @Catolf:  Does the game go Genealogy of Holy War and make your child fight as a second generation character with stat gains from both parents?  I'd play if it did. "

It's actually exactly like that. (I had to read through to make sure)You have to pick a girl, like the first girls are (in order of appearance) Fyuria, Luana and Elaine
Elaine is more focused on physical and if you wanted that it would go to your child. Luana is more magic based and that would go to your child  and Fyuria is even on both so if you wanted an even rounded character you'd choose her (i wanna choose her cause she's cute XP) 
EDIT: Forgot to add  this happens about 5 times so you get to chose between a lot of girls for your physical, magic or even stats. i think i only have 3 of the generations on GB because the forth and fifth generations are just a little hidden.
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@Catolf: I see. This cave you mentioned, do you have access to it in all 5 generations or it is generation specific? 
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@Cabbage_Head:  it's not just one cave so don't worry, it's any cave you have to go into is free battle and won't take up your turns. If you can complete every generation in 100 turns or less you can get a secret ending supposedly. So it's good to use caves if you need a level boost.
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@Catolf: I see...............I believe I am running out of questions,  so I probably won't take much more of your time. Did ever find that you were strapped for cash or that it was difficult to obtain funds? Also how exactly are turns used? Is it  when you do a move during combat , like the action phase or  is it  when your traveling? I believe that is it, thank you for your time. It sounds like this game might be worth a pick up. Thanks again!
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@Cabbage_Head:  Um, not really strapped for cash, but I liked upgrading my equipment a lot, so I did catch myself every once ina  while grinding a bit for that little extra to get my stuff just that much stronger. Turns are used by jumping into combat, and doing cutscenes. All costs a turn, you get as many as you like but if you want to get a secret ending you need to do all 5 generations in 100 turns or less. And no prob.

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