Europe 360 release?

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I'll admit, this game is tempting me to buy it. I loved Disgaea, and some of the stuff this game has gave me an interest. Not the completely over the top Super Special Sexhey edition (that mouspad freaks the hell out of me) but y'know, the regular edition on 360 seems like a good buy. However, I cant seem to find any mention of a Europe 360 release. Was the game released solely on 360 for America and Japan, or is there a Europe 360 release forthcoming?

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Also wanna ask, does this game come out on the European PSN?

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@Venatio: it came out on disk in europe last october so you probably can get it at a discount, the European publisher ghostlight has it for sale on there web site store for 
£ 34.99 I dont know if thats a discount or not so...
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@ThePencil:  doubt it very much there was a ps3 disk version for europe last october so if it hasnt been put out on 360 there by now I doubt they will
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@Dizzyhippos: Aww man, I was hoping to avoid getting it for the PS3. *Sigh* I suppose if it's the only way to play it, I'll have to resort to getting the PS3 version. Cheers for the answer though.
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@ThePencil: np but fair warning all the voices are in japanese with translated subtitles, and apparently the European versions sub is really bad, not talking from experience just what I read online
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The American version is also completely in Japanese with English subs.  I've heard the PS3 version out in Europe wasn't that bad though.  I know it goes under a different name but still uses "Agarest"

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If I remember correctly, the PS3 version of Agarest War in Europe is a localization of the PS3 Japanese version, which had different content than the Xbox 360 Japanese version. The recent Aksys release is a localization of the Xbox 360 Japanese version for both releases. All this is based what I've read online though.

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Does anyone know if the american version is region free?  
All I can find is people asking, whether it's region free or not.
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