I'm being owned (true end spoilers)

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okay so I beat summerhill and now I'm on the true end, however as the title is implying I'm getting owned. Eliis, Rex and Dyshana are around level 117, the generation specific characters (leo, Valeria, thoma) are around level 50 to 70 and everyone one else is around level 80 to 90. My question is: what level should I be around to tackle the gods and mini bosses in the boundary plane? Also at this point in the game should I worry about taking too many turns? I did get the campfire scene before summerhill, so I am set to get the true end, however will I miss the scene after I kill chaos and all the other  gods (where rex marries the person you picked) if I take too many turns? Lastly what's a good spot to grind? I've downloaded the dlc dungeon for  generation 5, which  has is been useful , but it's starting to fall short.  I would like to use the boundary plane, but I'm worried about losing the true end.  I've heard that using the boundary plane is probably the best way at this point, but again I'm not sure. Oh and I'm playing on easy.

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