There is FIVE generations????!

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Okay so I just got this game yesterday, put in about four hours so far and enjoying it more than Cross Edge (but i still like Cross Edge) and I just stumbled upon something that made my head spin. There is two more generations??!
Is this true?
I heard you have to follow the True ending path to get the other two generations. And I'm defiantly going to try if this is the case. I already got my three girls picked out for my three generations (even though I'm only four hours in XD) and two more baffles and excites me to want to continue. Anyone know if this is truth or not, and is there any way to see the other character's or Will I have to quest to the true end and see for myself?

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I answered my own question, I had to look it up.. good god..
this game is going to eat up a LOT of hours.

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I think you mean are...

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@JeffGoldblum said:
" I think you mean are... "
I think I do too...

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