Thinking of getting Record of Agarest War, but not sure

#1 Posted by blastershift (65 posts) -

I been looking at PSN for somthing to do as I'm into a JRPG mood not a final fantasy mood. But the strange shit with women tied up and odd brother and sister jokes. 
I want to get  Hyperdimension Neptunia in Calgary, but I cant' find it. 
Thats the mode I'm in games like AR for the PS2 or  Hyperdimension Neptunia, but would this PSN game be worth it for my tastes?

#2 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -

It would depend if you like a tactical RPG, but don't worry i'm with you on Hyperdimension Neptuna, I'm trying to get it this weekend if I can. I like Agarest wars, I think it's a decent tactical RPG that people over looked because of the fan service of the promo vids.

#3 Posted by blastershift (65 posts) -

I got it to tide me over until I can find the others games I'm looking for

#4 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -
@blastershift said:
" I got it to tide me over until I can find the others games I'm looking for "
it's a good game ^^
#5 Posted by blastershift (65 posts) -

I found  disgaea 3 today at GameSpot for $14 bucks. That and the  record if agarest war forum will be great to bad that   Hyperdimension Neptunia is hard to find.

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