(Spoilers) So is the game over or what? (Spoilers)

#1 Posted by Castiel (2916 posts) -

I killed Reyes and got the mask back, returned it to the underground tomb. Yadda yadda the family is fine, then 5 months later Seth takes the mask, Marston returns as a zombie and then what? I have saved every town and rescued every missing person in the game, but nothing has happened. Am I missing something or is the game really just over?

#2 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

That's it.  It just lets you carry on afterwards in case you want to play more.

#3 Posted by Castiel (2916 posts) -

Oh bummer. I had hoped for a little more with the ending to be honest. 

But thanks for the answer anyways bibamatt :)
#4 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

I know how you feel buddy, I started the exact same thread after that really underwhelming ending

#5 Posted by SkinnyBlue (331 posts) -
@bibamatt: Really? I was just about to look up a guide to figure out what to do next. That really sucks. What a lame ending to an otherwise great piece of content.
#6 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

Some towns get invaded again, other than that just roam around and do something. Maybe go to Fort Mercer or El Presidio, its always has loads of Zombies.

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