100+ Things You Have Learned While Playing Read Dead Redemption

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I'll start!
1. In 1911, people casually go about their business approximately 1.2 seconds after seeing someone get shot in the face.
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2. Time period trains caused horses and people to explode into blood clouds. 

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3. The best way to deal with a cheating woman is to stab her in the face just outside of a saloon

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4. Too much alcohol will swiftly knock you on your ass, but full sober recovery is only seconds away.

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5. Skilled Cowboys could turn regular Dynamite and Fire Bottles into Rocket Propelled versions just by looking at a target, concentrating and throwing.
6. Horses would walk off cliffs to find their owners.
7. A person on top of a train, shooting wild animals with no regard for safety, was not a cause for concern back in the Wild West.
8. Nobody back then knew how to swim. 
9. Horses included.
10. People did not drown, they simply died instantly when in too deep water.
11. Horses included, again.
12. Some carts and carriages had Hydrolics that defied physics.
13. Mountain Lions and Bears were the Ninja's of the West.
14. Nuns could give out rosaries that would make people be less accurate when shooting at the person holding the rosary.

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15. Need a horse? Just whistle.
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16. It's okay to hunt little bunnies and harvest their meat.

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17. It is compulsory for 90 percent of men in any given area to have a mustache. 

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18.  If you were a prison guard and a prisoner escaped custody, it was standard practice to shoot them in the head even if they are returned to you hogtied and helpless. 
19.  horse hooves magically absorbed bullets and transferred them to the rider. 
20.  apparently people were more coordinated back then as they could ride a horse, fire a gun dry, reload, and repeat all without crashing their horse or carriage. nowadays, people can't change songs on their ipod or answer their phone without swerving into oncoming traffic.

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 21. Everybody that you meet wants to hear about how you were in a gang and left for dead    

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22. Rattlesnake bites are only moderately painful...nothing a little miracle tonic called Laudanum won't cure!

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23. Medicine kills you.

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24. Back then tobacco really was good for you, giving a person bullet time reflex speeds. Moonshine also had this effect, though it was rumored to be part of early Government experiments due to it's lack of use among the general population. Popular among reformed criminals.    

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25.  It's funny to say the same thing over and over again while playing poker.

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26. When you run a horse and wagon into a rock it is stuck there FOREVER.

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@MB said:

" 22. Rattlesnake bites are only moderately painful...nothing a little miracle tonic called Laudanum won't cure! "

I wanted to write something about that, but didn't have enough experience with snake bites in the game to tell it properly. I've only been bitten once by a snake before I shoot it in the face, but it looked kinda damaging and seemed like two bites (before regaining health) could kill you. So, do you (or does anyone else) know how many bites it takes for one to kill you? 
Also, if you don't mind me expanding on that one just a tad...
27. The bites also contain no venom or long-lasting effects.
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28. Skill is directly related to the amount of money your playing for.

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29. If you catch on fire run around screaming and it will eventually go out.

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30. no matter how many times you stab your own hand you wont get hurt... as long as you're doint it for money.

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31. The US government have been liars and murderers for at least 99 years!

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32. It takes three seconds to gut & skin a rabbit, yet only five or six seconds to gut & skin a horse.

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33.  People will believe anything you say if you're white.

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34. Running into a crowd of people with a lit stick of dynamite is fun.

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 35. taking cover behind a wall, and then trying to take cover on the wall directly in front of or next to will cause you to fly 1 km up in the air, leave the immediate area and then fall to your death.

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36. Throwing knives are the most powerful weapons in the universe, and when thrown in a horses leg, they will kill them immediately. 

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37. Cougars and Bears are pack animals, often after you have killed one the blood of their fallen kin attracts several more if you linger for to long. 
38. Horses are 98% artery, and can die from the slightest flesh wound.

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39. When you buy a house in mexico you get a free poncho.

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40. John Marston has a infinite supply of horses.

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41. It is perfectly acceptable to hogtie a woman and gently lay her down on railroad tracks to rest

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42. Gun store owners have much use in buying flowers.

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43. A fall from 5 feet will nearly kill you.

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44. If you hear a Cougar, you are most likely dead already

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 45. They pay good money for goat meat in West Elizabeth.

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46. Mexico has a wolf problem.

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47. Mexico was a lot safer in 1911 than it is in 2010

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 48. If you are American, you can go anywhere in the world because every important person speaks English.

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49. Cowboys were eco-friendly individuals that never harvested more than one flower from a plant to ensure that it did not die.

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50. Holding your fists up to a stranger is roughly equivalent to waving around dynamite or threatening to murder an entire town of people.

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51. No matter what crime you commit, be it simply stealing a horse or murdering an entire town you can avoid jail time by just paying a fee.

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52.. No matter what you do, your past will catch up with you

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53. You can get away with anything if you have a pardon letter. 

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54. Trying to shoot hats off people usually does not end well. For them.

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55. Some cowboys were prepared to put their lives on the line again and AGAIN before a finger was lifted for them.

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56. Newspapers only had a single sheet of writing, the rest was simply glued together.

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57. Wearing a bandana does definitely not make you famous.
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58. There is always a second grizzly behind you 

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59. Never stop to pick up a hitchhiker. If you do, be prepared to shoot the said individual.   
60. The government does not hold their end of a bargain.
61. in 1911, people always seemed like you were simply passing by, even though you were waiting for them for several hours.  
62. Look out for people in elegant suits playing poker. 

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63. Apparently there was some epidemic  that caused all the children in the world to die or disappear except for John Marston's kid.

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 64. In 1911 there were Cougar People, Chicken People, Bird People and Donkey Ladies which all became extinct by 2010

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65. Every timeI try to skin a dead deer, there's a lone Wolf, waiting to ambush me like its some well laid trap or something. 

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