can you go back to new austin?

#1 Posted by Iyiu (150 posts) -

can i go back to new austin once i get to mexico? It seems like there is no way 

#2 Posted by Necrothug (46 posts) -

Yes.  There are two bridges back.
#3 Posted by Iyiu (150 posts) -

do i have to wait for the bridges to get built? or right when i get to mexico i can go back?

#4 Posted by Gspoon (116 posts) -
@Iyiu: They already exist look at the train tracks or just fast travel from your camp site.
#5 Posted by Necrothug (46 posts) -

Yes, they exiist. Prior to going to Mexico they are blocked, but after you get there they are clear. Look on your map, there are actually two train bridges and one normal bridge. 
One of the train bridges does get destroyed with one of the first Mexico story missions.

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