Can't change clothes

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 I've just got home to my ranch and went up to the attic and opened a box which gave my avatar a nice sombrero to wear, which was, y'know, nice. However I am now not given the opportunity to change outfits at any of my safe houses or at my campsite. This upsets me because I particularly like to cheat at Poker. 
  Is this a glitch, or have I missed something, and has anyone else noticed this and if so did it change back again?

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Sorry hombre, at that point in the game you're stuck wearing the ranch gear :( it's a bummer

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I noticed this too when I reloaded the game to complete the 100% and my last save was at the ranch.  Unfortunately, yes, you are forced to wear the rancher outfit.  Do the poker cheating after you finish the game. :)

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God damn....surely my wife would like to see me look all smart in a boring. Thanks for the info tho.

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Does it stop you from being able to complete the outfit sets....I have all the items for the American Army uniform but I can't buy the cloth from the's there but I can't purchase it 

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That part made me really angry. Well, just wait until after you beat the story, they'll be something else that could cause disgruntation (yes, I changed up the word disgruntle like that). I kept a save from before that though, meaning that even after completing the story, I could go back and explore at my leisure with John in the outfits that I liked.


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