How do I "Win" at Blackjack?

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I'm trying to get the Treasure Hunter outfit so I went into the game of Blackjack at Rathskellar Fork. I've been playing for like 15 minutes and the game doesn't end! How do I win this? I don't want to quit now in case I waste the past 15 minutes and have to do it again. 
I've never played Blackjack before so like, are there a certain amount of rounds or something? I'm playing with 2 other guys and we just keep winning chips and losing chips, and winning and losing. We're really getting nowhere.

#2 Posted by Kazzurak (395 posts) -

black jack is about hitting 21 (i believe all picture cards = 10 and ace = 11) but i dont have the game yet so i dont know how to "win" blackjack i allways thought it was you vs the dealer and ignore the other players

#3 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7596 posts) -

As long as you end up with more chips than you start with, you technically win.
You can play a single round and win a single chip, then quit and that will be enough to count as winning a game.

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Well I know the rules now, they teach you in the game, it's just that the game tells me to "win" and then I will unlock a scrap for my outfit. I have no idea what they mean by win. I got 21 twice and still haven't unlocked anything.

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In real life, you play until you decide you've won enough money or don't want to lose any more.

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Oh wow it's that easy? I feel kinda dumb now! haha, just unlocked the outfit. It's ugly as hell. Thanks guys :D I'll go back to my Bollard Twins outfit

#7 Posted by gike987 (1811 posts) -

I love how the card games aren't dumbed down like mini games usually are. I played blackjack and poker for hours yesterday.

#8 Edited by Slaneesh (870 posts) -
@gike987 said:

" I love how the card games aren't dumbed down like mini games usually are. I played blackjack and poker for hours yesterday. "

I love how tech alowes us to do real stuff in video games. Why ever go outside.
 One day there will be no need for anything. Aka the matrix
#9 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -

I have terrible luck with the card games in RDR. Mostly blackjack. 

#10 Posted by Murtaug (326 posts) -
@Hourai: I have done horrible with Poker, but okay with Blackjack, which kind of emulates real life as I tend to be okay with poker and pretty damn good with blackjack. 
What is killing me is Liar's Dice, heard of this one before, never played it, and love it. But damn do I suck at it in the game.

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