How to get the Deadly Assassin outfit!

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From Kotaku. Enjoy!
  • Win a Duel in Armadillo – Travel to the town of Armadillo, and accept the challenge to fight a duel. Just make sure to win.
  • Capture or Kill Mo Van Barr – While in Armadillo, find the wanted poster for Mo Van Barr, accept the Bounty Hunting mission and bring this notorious member of the Walton Gang to justice, dead or alive.
  • Solve the Mystery of the Missing Townsfolk – People have been disappearing for weeks from the outskirts of Armadillo. Track down the clues, solve the mystery and live to tell the tale.
  • Search Coot's Chapel – Find the ruins of Coot's chapel in the wilds of Cholla Springs, and search it for treasure.
  • Complete the Twin Rocks Hideout – Find the legendary criminal hideout of Twin Rocks, located North of the town of Armadillo, to complete this final challenge.
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    Kotaku? One of my least favourite sites. 
    Anywho, thanks for passing on the tip.

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    I've already got the Mo Van Barr poster, gonna do that after I get off work.  I also already took care of the Twin Rocks Hideout, and I've been to Coot's Chapel but haven't searched around it.  I need a duel in Armadillo, though...and that damn quest for finding all the missing people is taking its sweet goddamn time.

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