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There is a new trailer out for Red Dead Redemption and I must say I am even more excited for this game.   
As you can probably gather from my avatar I am a fan of all things Clint Eastwood and western.  I thought Red Dead Revolver was a great game and I cannot wait for this game to be released.   
Anyway enjoy the trailer.

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heh, it's already up on the site... but thanks anyway.
I'm certainly gonna get it day one.

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Whoops I did not see it on the home page.  Sorry about that.

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Holy shit.  I used to watch westerns with my dad back in the day and loved them.  But I've hated all western games that have come out.  That actually looks really good.  Cant even tell its a game in the first bit of it.
Definitely going to have to check that out. Thanks.

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