Quick question about Undead Nightmare

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I know that you do not need the original Red Dead Redemption if you buy the Undead Nightmare stand-alone disc, but can you play just regular Red Dead from the Undead disc?
It is on sale as a gold deal on amazon for the next hour and forty minutes and I really want to buy it. However I would rather play through the normal campaign before the undead one, is this possible with just the Undead Nightmare disc? Thanks

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No, you need the original game.

#3 Posted by DukeTogo (1504 posts) -
@GeekDown said:
" No, you need the original game. "
#4 Posted by Kurtdyoung (1299 posts) -
@GeekDown: Thanks, I looked around and all I could find was this
" In addition to adding playable content for owners of the original game, the collection serves as a standalone game release, that allows players who have not purchased the original game to experience the gameworld of Red Dead Redemption for the first time on disc via the new zombie-themed single player adventure built into the Undead Nightmare pack, as well as multiplayer functionality."
Which seems to say that it is only the Undead campaign, but then they talk about the Undead DLC being included. Whatever, I will just buy Red Dead for full price or continue waiting till it goes on sale again.
#5 Posted by rmills87 (463 posts) -

I purchased this game at full price and WAS NOT disappointed.  Don't even worry about the game going on sale (unless you have to watch your budget of course).  I don't even like the old west and this game totally had me from the minute I booted it up.  Right after playing the shit out of this game, I'm going to download both big DLC packs as well as Undead Nightmare. 
Anyway, my point is, if you are looking to purchase this game and have the funds, it will pay for itself in spades.  ENJOY!

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