What to do with animal parts?

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So, I have a stockpile of animal bits, skins hearts claws antlers. Are they only good for cash or is there some form of crafting system in the game that I'm unaware of?

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I just sold my stockpile of stuff. I got a decent amount for it.

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They're just for selling, you cant craft anything in this game.

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@JackG100 said:
" They're just for selling, you cant craft anything in this game. "
Check. Thanks.
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Are there any quests like the flower picking one that need animal parts?

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Yes, there's one that requires 10 red sage, 20 feathers of any kind and 5 beaver furs.
20 feathers total, dont have to be from the same kind of bird.
It's a stranger-quest, not a challenge. Think there was another that required some items too, but I can't recall.

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For making costumes so you can scare the local barmaid in a bear suit.

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Ok thanks for the quick answer.

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