shadow71's Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) review

Amazing Experience

Some games take me a bit longer to take a liking to, when I first tried Red Dead I just couldn't get a feel for the shooting, never liked how the missions seemed to play out, and didn't like how much time I had to spend on a horse commuting from place to place. Things changed eventually, and I really started to appreciate all the finer points of the game:

  • I don't think I've EVER been so impressed with environment art, it really got to the point where riding my horse ended up being one of my favorite parts of the game because I just liked taking in the scenery.
  • I feel like the mission variety could have been a bit better, I felt like one too many times I was hopping on a two horse carriage to either shoot or drive to some location, but that said when there is variety its great (between train robberies, invading mines, planting dynamite for ambushes).
  • There is an online coop portion that has some really intense gun battles that are extremely satisfying to fight through.
  • There's some great depth to the game too, as the main campaign takes roughly 15 hours, you'll probably be able to get another 8-12 (if not more) just from some of the extra missions offline.
  • I would say this is a must play for people that like open world games, it definitely takes itself more seriously than most games, and has what I consider to be a very high quality story with great voice acting performances.

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