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Red Dead Revolver 0

It's hard to believe Red Dead Revolver became nothing more than a widely unappreciated gem. For the first time ever players were offered the chance to play as a bounty hunter in the Wild West, and as it was made by Rockstar (of the GTA franchise), it would certainly have seemed that this game was poised for instant success. However it just was not meant to be, and the despite numerous positive reviews, the game disappeared into obscurity not long after its release.It is for that reason that I wa...

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this game is tha spaghetti 0


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Always wanted to be a cowboy and finally found my fix 0

Red dead revolver is a finely polished gem that would please western fan with cliche's and cowboys galore.   For the single player portion red dead revolver takes you to many locales. From frontier towns to gold filled mountains and even on the back of a run away train, red dead revolver takes you for a ride. Killing enemies net you gold for use on upgrading weapons and health alike. Pistols aren't the only weapons at your disposal. For groups of enemies nothing gets the job done like a stick o...

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Old Review: Red Dead Revolver 0

Red Dead Revolver : A huge letdown for me. We'll get to the reason why just hold on... keep holding... almost there... red Wait. ok there you made it. Think you could handle that every 2-10 minutes for a total of 70 something times? No. Good, I like you. Gameplay : Too much "cover" duck behind something shoot something, stand out in the open, get blown to bits. Duel is awesome, not used enough. Imagine the controls for Tiger woods golf. Think of how you can use that in a gunfigh...

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