Easy way to get salvage?

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Has anyone found an easy way to get salavage? I just finished the game but I still need a bunch more salvage to get the rest of the upgrades. Do you get any salvage from multiplayer? Share your discoveries I guess.

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Did you go around finding ore deposits? That seems to help.
Don't know too much else, only played about 5 hrs so far.

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Yeah, ore deposits and doing missions appear to be the best method of getting salvage.

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Small EDF bases coupled with a few towers are loaded with salvage. Grab a walker if you can find one and plow away.

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Medium and high importance targets get you a ton of salvage. If you check your map, any of the red buildings are good too.

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Doing raids with fellow NPCs in the game almost always farmed a ton of scrap for me. I think I got 200 metal at one raid doing it, but there were a lot off buildings I had to blow up. 200 might not be much, though.

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Get a heavy Walker and head for EDF property.

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GOD, I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!  I hope Blockbuster has it in stock this week...

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@jakob187 said:
" GOD, I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!  I hope Blockbuster has it in stock this week... "
GameFly is your friend.
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There doesn't seem to be enough salvage in this game compared to how much the numerous unlocks and upgrades cost. I just destroyed a heavily defended building and got about 12 salvage for it. Really? It seems like the only decent way to get a good amount of salvage is to do the Red Faction missions, but those are few and far between.

I'm calling it right now - this was a bad design choice.

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By the end of the game, I only needed 625 salvage for the last two upgrades.  I could have easily had that if I didn't skip ore deposits and EDF crates.

Even the smallest of the EDF controlled buildings (red on mini-map) give you salvage.  Completing pro times gives you twice as much salvage for transporter and demolition activities.  There is a very nice balance to the salvage in the game.  If you are constantly low, then I recommend not spending salvage on weapons upgrades for weapons you don't use.  I didn't use any of the unlocked weapons except for the Nano rifle and its upgrades.

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@Karmum said:
@jakob187 said:
" GOD, I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!  I hope Blockbuster has it in stock this week... "
GameFly is your friend. "

So he should sign up for GameFly, hope the game is available and it ships to him, and wait the 3-4 days for it to come, instead of just swing by his local Blockbuster and see if he can be playing it within 15 minutes?
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@PercyChuggs: When I was a GameFly subscriber, turnaround time was one business day.
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Easier way I found to get salvage, is to leave a lot of the clusters of building targets alone & do the other guerilla tasks to get the control down. After that area is liberated, just go to the areas where the edf buildings are at when they are unguarded & just start driving/nuking the place & then collect all the salvage. Test out a lot of buildings & other things in each area to find what will give out the salvage, some of the ruined vehicles will also give you a few pieces.

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@fox01313: That's a good idea, I know there are some EDF buildings left over in the last sector I just liberated, I'll have to go back there and check it out.
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Yes, because I do that. I have a Blockbuster within 5 minutes of me, but their selection is terrible and they gave my family some problems a few years ago. I don't know about you, but I get my games in like two days of them being sent out. They are sent out on or before release date, and I get them a day or two after release date. I wonder if my Blockbuster has those games in on/after release date?

Edit - However, this is not the point of the topic.
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Best way to get salvage when u complete game is old EDF building and ore deposits,  completed it twice and thats wht i do

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