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A decent port of a very good game

I was slightly worried about buying this after suffering the the last port from Violition, Saints Row 2 was a mess on the PC and I didn't have high hopes for this. Thankfully  I was wrong and they've done a decent job with it. 
The game itself is basically an open world were you play a Guerilla fighting the evil Earth Defence Force, the missions do have some variation to them and not all involve you smashing things up. Except for a few glitches the physics are very good, buildings fall how you'd expect them to and there's no shortage of buildings to destroy. 
Graphically it looks good but will need a high end PC to be seen in all it's glory, the only downside

 HDR Hell
is the overdone HDR which can sometimes make it impossible to see where your going.  

 For the most part they've got the difficulty curve just about right, as you upgrade your weapons and armour you'll find yourself coming up against tougher opponents. Sadly this all goes wrong at the end where the game just throws an endless stream of enemies at the player, it doesn't make it impossible but it does stop being fun and starts to become a chore. 
Despite the few misgivings I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes open world games and who has a reasonable gaming PC.

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