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A Small, But Explosive Pack

Demons Of The Badlands Tells the tale of Samanya, Who you may remember from the main game. However, the pack is set in a new area - The Mariner valley, A few years before Alec Mason arrived on the scene. It explains who the Marauders really are and how they came to be, along with how Sam became a member of the Red Faction. So, it provides a decent amount of backstory to the slightly open ended main game.
Unfortunately though, Unless you try to collect all of the 75 Power cells dotted around the valley, you can be over and done with this pack in roughly 3 hours. Essentially, the pack is another sector in a different location. You have to complete the 3 Missions in order to lower EDF control to 0 and then you win. Although there are new EDF Buildings to destroy, they seem easier to wreck than in the main game. And although there are new Marauder actions to complete, they seem easier than the Guerilla Actions in the main game.
On The Plus side, There are new weapons. Including the missile pod, Which fires small, explosive missiles in quick succession. And there are new vehicles too, Including a new walker. Well, I say a new walker, What I really mean is a combat walker with Spiky balls for hands.
So, Overall then, Demons Of The Badlands, While short, Is worth getting, If only for the Backstory. And for only $9.99, Or £5-something or other, It's not too expensive either.
Basically, If you're a fan of the Main game, Buy it. If you're not, Don't.

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