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Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

 Red Faction: Guerrilla is a third person action game that takes place on Mars. You will be playing the role of a person that has just come to visit your brother and to do a hard day's work. Of course that would make for a really boring game, so almost immediately you lose your brother, and your hand is forced to join the Red Faction. The Red Faction is an underground movement to try to take the control of Mars away from the current military ruling party, and give it back to the people. You will participate in several different types of missions, as you try to liberate sector by sector.

The graphics on this game are quite alright. There's not a whole lot that you can do wrong when you're playing a game on the red planet. Sure there are small differences between sectors, but overall you're looking at basically the same type of landscape. The character design looks almost always crisp. Its good to know from just looking at an enemy how fast you're going to be able to deal out the damage to them. The weapons and gadgets you gain aren't all that impressive to look at, but they are functional. There's also a lot of destructible structures that you can go to town on. The only problem is that it makes your character look like a freaking god because you can take out an entire building with swings of a hammer, or the architects on this planet were morons building structures that a good couple sand storms could topple over. The overall color and detail of the vehicles definitely leave something to be desired, they all look very flat.

The sounds of the game help keep the game above average. You're going to definitely get the recycled random lines, but the voice acting isn't half bad in this game. 

The controls are pretty sound and once you've got them down you're going to find that you'll have no problem playing this game. I did keep accidentally switching the slots for my weapons when on the weapon locker screen, but other than that I had no qualms with the controls. the driving didn't feel all that crisp with the controls, but then again this isn't a driving game.

So the story has its highs and lows. Sometimes it can really get you into the game, other times you just want to scream at the TV "get on with it". To me this game is like a FallOut game GTA style, where there's quests all over the place, but they are truly all over the place, and there's no way in hell walking or running from location to location is going to make you want to keep playing this game. Sure you're going to be utilizing vehicles out the ass to get around, but there's still a lot of driving from place to place before you're going to see any action. Also the take vehicle from point A to point B, and park it with time to spare, I could never do. To be truthful there was only two things that I truly enjoyed about this game. The main mission, so that the story would continue, so I could actually see something happening, and finding those points in the map where the EDF were and blowing up all their buildings.

I don't know if this game had potential, it was well made, but there's just not enough here for me to want to play over and over again. It is definitely in a different setting, but I don't think that that's enough to constitute picking up this title. This game gets a 7.2 out of 10.    

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